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What will happen after I submit an entry to Challenging Times/Puzzle Players Weekly?

Tiebreakers are mailed out with the next weekly issue of the Challenging Times, within 5 days after the entries are scored. Approximately 75-85% will qualify for the first tiebreaker; approximately 20-30% will qualify for the second tiebreaker, if required; 5-10% will be the winners. 

Your entry will be judged, and if correct, you will be entered into the winners’ pool and sent a Tiebreaker to help determine the ultimate winner.

The entry fee for each puzzle is specified on each entry form. Each tiebreaker costs $1 for handling and judging.

Yes! The outcome of these puzzles is based entirely upon the skill of the contestants. This is not a sweepstakes or a drawing.

You compete with all the other puzzlers who submit an entry for a puzzle. You do not compete against us. We are here to make sure the puzzle contests are run in a fair and exemplary manner, where everyone has an opportunity to win. We love to see our contestants thrilled and excited when they win!

Prize checks are mailed in our weekly publication, Challenging Times, within 5 days after the entries are scored and the winners determined. Winners may expect prize checks up to the maximum stipulated amount for each puzzle with an average of $25-$75 depending upon the skill of contestants in relation to the difficulty of the puzzle. 

All prize checks will arrive in the contestant’s mailbox 8 weeks after our receipt of the original entry; if the puzzle goes to a second tiebreaker, it will take 13 weeks from the receipt of the original entry. 

Judges are employees of CM Publications, Inc., and a minimum of two different people score the entries. One of the judges is the creator of the puzzles. Entries are scored manually using a key. 

Yes, in order to ensure everyone a fair outcome of all puzzle contests, the decision of the judges is final. In the rare case of a judging error, our liability is limited to the amount of the entry fee paid. 

Once a puzzle contest has been entered and judged, we cannot refund any entry fees. If you wish to cancel a subscription to Challenging Times, we will return what is remaining on the subscription after our accountants have determined the appropriate amount.

Yes, we reserve the right to combine the first and second prize money, either when the second prize amount would be divided into amounts too small to make writing checks worthwhile or when the amount is equal to, or exceeds, the first prize share. This does not apply to Contests for which only one prize, or non-divisible (e.g. non-cash) prizes are offered.

After 38 years in business, our system of mailing prize checks and tiebreakers and publishing results are remarkably efficient and reliable. There should be no need to inquire about an entry or prize check. All requests to research an entry, tiebreaker or prize check must include $5 for each item. The $5 will be refunded if we are in error. 

Yes, the results of all winning scores and the winners’ names are published in sequence every week. If you require a copy of the winning solution, there is a $5 charge for each one, and it must be ordered within 5 weeks of its announcement in the Challenging Times .

These contests are void where prohibited by law. Otherwise, puzzle entry is open to all persons, 18 years or older, except sponsors, employees, and their families. Our competitors are not eligible to enter, nor are their directors, officers or employees, or their families. Our determination of contestant eligibility is final. 

Yes, multiple entries are allowed for each puzzle, but only one winning entry and one prize check per association, whether family, friends, club, or otherwise will be paid. Puzzle solutions created in part or in whole by collusion and/or submitted by proxy or via fictitious identities will be disqualified. 

Entrants may be required to provide acceptable proof of identity, their address and their photograph. Your social security account number is required by law for annual winnings of $600 or more. 

Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for lost or delayed mail.

about us

CGM Publication, Inc. is a 38-year-old company, started by Arthur Macauley, in Rhode Island, today’s owner Carolyn Miner continues this gaming tradition. Our prime product is a weekly publication, called Challenging Times, The Puzzle Players Weekly. Check out our BBB rating. 

Challenging Times contains five puzzles paying out approximately $3200 in prize money each week. Contestants pay an entry fee of $9 to $15 to compete against other contestants for the prize money of $500 to $1000 per puzzle. 

Does this sound too good to be true? Then read a few testimonials from our community of puzzlers. 

Our puzzles are word-find puzzles. These puzzles require skill to solve. They are not games of chance, which would come under various gambling or gaming statutes. This is not a lottery or sweepstakes where the winner is either pulled out of a bin or randomly picked by a computer.

Contestants have to spend time-solving the puzzle by following the directions. If they solve it better than the other contestants, they will get the stated prize. There can be several winners and in these instances, the first and second prizes will be divided equally among the winners. 

In addition to the Challenging Times, we will be offering a variety of additional puzzles, products, and services here, on our website. So keep checking back in during the next few weeks and months for some exciting new opportunities! 

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