CT Money

We are always looking for ways to offer high value-for-money puzzling and one of the ways we do this is by offering discount vouchers which we call "CT Money".

Here's how it works: you can order various denominations of CT Money, starting at CT$50 for which you pay only $45, for a 10% savings. The savings increase with the amount you purchase, reaching 25% for the CT$500 quantity.

For each amount purchased, you will receive a mixture of CT$1, CT$5 and CT$10 denominations and you can apply them to any of our other products, such as the Subscriptions or the Merriam Webster Dictionary. Order some CT Money today!

  • CT$50
    $50 of CT Money for $45

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  • CT$100
    $100 of CT Money for $85

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  • CT$150
    $150 of CT Money for $120

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  • CT$200
    $200 of CT Money for $150

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  • CT$400
    $400 of CT Money for $300

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  • CT$500
    $500 of CT Money for $375

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